Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, ST,M.Sc, Ph.D

Ph.D: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne _________________________________

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Achmad Bakrie Building-Jl. Ganesa No. 10 Bandung,
Indonesia 40132

Phone +62 22 2502260
IP Phone: +62 22 4254028, Fax: +62 22 253 4222


Field of Expertise

CUDA Parallel Programming, Network Data Processing, & Network QoS


  • Agent-Message Based Multi-IO Application Framework Development.; Muqtafi Ahmad, Achmad Imam Kistijantoro and Inggriani Liem; The 7th International Conference on Telecommunication Systems, Services, and Applications (TSSA 2012);
  • Performance Analysis of Content-based Mobile Application on Content Delivery Networks; Yudi Haribowo and Achmad Imam Kistijantoro.; International Conference on Cloud Computing and Social Networking 2012. Bandung, Indonesia. 2012;
  • Analysis and Benchmarking Performance of Real Time Patch Linux and Xenomai in Serving a Real Time Application; Mastura Diana Marieska, Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, and Muhammad Subair; International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI 2011) ISBN: 978-1-4577-0750-6, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1177H-PRT; 17-19 Juli 2011.
  • CFD Solver untuk Persamaan Eliptik dengan Pemrosesan Paralel berbasis CUDA; Luqman Abdul Mushawwir, Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, Mochamad Agoes Moelyadi; Konferensi Nasional Informatika KNIF 2011. ISSN: 2087-3328; 23 November 2011.
  • Domain Specific Language (DSL) Development for Application Generator for Desktop Database Application.; Steven Lolong and Achmad Imam Kistijantoro; 3rd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Bandung, Indonesia. July 2011;
  • Experiences in Implementing General-Purpose Applications on CUDA; Achmad Imam Kistijantoro; The First International Conference on Green Computing, IGGC-RCICT 2010, Yogyakarta; Maret 2010

Professional Memberships

- IEEE and ACM Memberships

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